Our History

Berg bows are the result of over four decades of dedicated research and development conducted largely in New Zealand in collaboration with highly qualified scientists. Mr. Robert Berg, a former string bass player in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, initiated and supervised this research and development. The standard bows are engraved with his name, to honour him for truly extraordinary achievement. Mr. Michael Duff, a native New Zealander, is responsible for the exclusive manufacture of the bows in Bloomington, Indiana, in the United States. Mr. Duff has refined the quality and aesthetic appearance of the bows to a very high standard, so that they receive enthusiastic praise for fine craftsmanship, elegant appearance and exemplary performance quality.

It has been possible to combine space-age technology and advanced sound conducting materials with computer assisted research on the physics and geometry of bow design to manufacture bows which are being compared by renowned artists with the finest bows of the great French masters - even those of Francois Tourte. In some properties Berg bows surpass fine French bows. Because we have control over the component materials in the shaft, the density and flexural qualities are extremely constant. By contrast, pernambuco wood can vary considerably in these parameters. This can pose problems for the traditional bow maker.

The fiber in the Berg bow shaft was chosen for its superior sound wave transmission qualities. Our unique combination of materials results in outstanding durability and stability. The shaft is molded as one piece and is very strong. It is virtually unbreakable, and can be dropped without fear of breakage anywhere in the shaft. Therefore, we offer a lifetime guarantee against any such structural breaks.

Shaft specifications, like taper and camber, are based on Tourte's principles, but unlike the traditional bow maker, we have precise computer control over these parameters. This means that there are no bad Berg bows. All perform to the same high standard. With high precision in the taper and camber, sound waves traveling along the shaft are not diffused and ineffectual. In other words, maximum sound projection is achieved with the sound waves produced by the violin, viola, cello or string bass. With the Berg Bow one immediately notices the production of a bigger sound. This bigger sound, produced without strain, engenders relaxation, which in turn, results in improved technique overall.

The sound quality of the Berg Bow is very special. It offers a highly centered clear tone which one can make very expressive. Finally, the computer designed geometry of the shaft translates into a smooth whole bow detaché all the way to the tip. Artists express delight in having a bow with strong sound making potential in the upper quarter.

String players are enthusiastically endorsing the Berg bow and tell us that their appreciation for the bows unlimited potential continues to grow over time. This response from artists around the world is a clear indication of the exceptional quality of the Berg bow.

*BERG is a registered trademark of Berg Bows, Incorporated.


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