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Berg Bows announces a new frog design by Michael F. Duff. They will be available in ebony wood and snakewood, mounted with silver or gold. See the colored digital photos of them, one silver version and two gold versions. They are offered only on the new model Berg violin bow which is referred to as a TOURTE-VOIRIN model. It will be reviewed in the 'LATEST NEWS' on the Berg Bows web site soon.

For your information a salient characteristic of a TOURTE bow is its lighter weight, usually under 58 grams. I now emulate this with the new model Berg violin bows. Further, the renowned virtuoso Corey Cerovsek kindly made it possible for me to measure many parameters of a fine VOIRIN bow which he favors. Those features are also incorporated into the new model Berg violin bow, hence I refer to it as a TOURTE-VOIRIN model. This does not mean that it has the head profile of a TOURTE or VOIRIN bow.

Early reviews of the new Berg violin bow read like; "I love my earlier Berg gold fleur-de-lis bow but these two new ones are extraordinary" and "I absolutely love the new bow, my second purchase from you, It has fantastic flexible control and all bow strokes are easier to execute and more brilliant".

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Frog Ebony Gold Profile Frog Ebony Gold Side

Frog Snakewood Gold Profile Frog Snakewood Gold Side

Frog Snakewood Silver Profile Frog Snakewood Silver Side


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