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Berg Viola Bow Berg Viola Bow

This deluxe Berg viola bow is exhibited and offered for sale at the 2008 Viola Congress in Arizona. It weighs 69 grams.

(Custom made silver deluxe viola bow for the 2008 viola congress in Arizona)

Viola/Gold Mounted/Horn Frog with Pearl Fleur-de-lys/69.5 grams.

(Custom made for Mr. Jaime Hofman of the Milwaukee Symphony, Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.)

Viola/Gold Mounted/Horn Frog/70 grams.

(sold to Ms. Kim Thompson of Newton, MA, U.S.A.)

Viola/Gold Mounted/Ebony Frog/69 grams.

(Made for Alex Grant Violins of Australia, with special request for dark coloration)

Viola/Deluxe Gold Mounted/Black Ox Horn Frog with Gold Fleur-de-lys/73 grams.

(This gold mounted viola bow was commissioned by Mr. Brek Renzelmanof Wisconsin, violist of the Kepler Quartet, who recently issued the world premier recording of four quartets by the American composer Ben Johnson.)

Viola/'Ebony'/Ebony Frog with Pearl Fleur-de-lys.

(sold to Jennifer C. Eberhard of California)

Viola/Gold Mounted/Ebony Frog with Parisian Eye/72.6 grams.

(sold to Mr. Fabian von Schlabrendorff of Frankfurt, Germany)

Viola/Deluxe/Ebony Frog.

(this bow was custom made for Prof. Jeorge Alves, of Portugal)

Viola/Ebony/Snakewood Frog/68.4 grams.

(sold to Mr. Louis Holmes of Norfolk, United Kingdom)

Viola/'Ebony'/Snakewood Frog

Viola/'Ebony'/Horn Frog

Viola/'Ebony'/Standard Ebony Frog


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